Vivint Ping Indoor Camera Review & Guide 2020

Most people these days are dependent upon home security cameras for the security of their houses. Indoor cameras play an important role in security. The parents are always looking for top-notch indoor cameras that can help keep an eye on their kids and the housekeeping services as well. The technology is getting better every day, so are the indoor security cameras. When you search for a home indoor camera, you must check this Vivint indoor camera review.

This indoor security camera will provide you with perfect audio and video of the house and provide you other features, including the security alert and much more. The security cameras are a great choice for people who are looking for high-quality and high-efficiency indoor cameras. This high powered security camera provides you night vision and has a wide vision along with an excellent resolution. When you plan to find out a little more about this indoor security camera, we can help you.

Features That You Must Know

This indoor security camera has a handy design that is easy to adjust and tilt. You can have it in your house to capture the indoor activities. This indoor camera also has a motion sensor and speaker. A microphone is also available for better capturing of the sound. This indoor camera has a night vision LED also available for better capturing of the activity at night. It has an incredible feature of wireless protected setup. It will not only help you in connecting your phone to the camera but also you can control the indoor and run it by the application available. This indoor camera also comes with motion sensors and has a resolution of 1080 pixels. The sensors are of 4 megapixels, and the speaker works great for two way communication. It is a small and compact indoor camera that performs efficiently and provides a view of 155 degrees.

Vivint Indoor Camera Guide

You can control this indoor camera with your mobile phone, and there is an application also available which you can install on other devices. This Vivint camera has made access to and control of the camera a lot easier. It is a great smart home device that will work perfectly with all the other smart devices you have in your house.

Why Do We Like This Product?

This Vivint indoor camera is the perfect choice for the people who want to keep an eye on the house’s indoor activities while you are away from home. This is an affordable camera and a high-efficiency option that performs in just the perfect manner.

This product is a high-performance camera that can be used and controlled remotely. The pricing and functioning both are an incredible feature of this camera. Moreover, this indoor camera will definitely comply with the other smart devices in your house. Also, Vivint has some other incredible devices that you can use in your house. The easy wireless connection is another amazing feature of this indoor camera.

Vivint Indoor Camera Pros & Cons

  • Incredibly sharp video
  • Motion sensors available
  • Comes with a night vision mode
  • Easy usage and installation
  • Vivint smart home system is required for the functioning of this device.


Overall, this is a great choice for the people who need foolproof security for their house or office. You can use it at your house or anywhere else according to the requirements. However, when using this home security camera, you must have the Vivint smart home system. Besides that, the functionality is perfect for this camera. This is definitely a great investment for your house for long term use.

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