Simplisafe Compatible Outdoor Camera Review and Guide 2021

Best Simplisafe Outdoor Camera 2021

Are you planning to purchase simplisafe Compatible Outdoor Camera? Verify that you will require the simplisafe Compatible Outdoor Camera review so that you are informed about the features and the other important aspects of the camera before you purchase it.

Simplisafe Compatible Outdoor Camera is becoming the number one brand for not only having human detection features, but also it can work as a stand-alone device. Although it does lack some of the smart alerts overall it is a good quality camera that you must consider if you want to enhance the security of your house. Most of the core features of simplisafe camera include the safety and the incredible home security that it provides. Along with that, this camera will help you to keep an eye on each and every corner of the house.

Simplisafe Indoor And Outdoor Camera

There are two standalone camera options when you are looking for the simplisafe cameras. You must consider each of these options if you are looking for incredible security for your whole house. And you must also read the reviews of simplisafe indoor and outdoor cameras before you purchase the best option. Both of these cameras have a resolution of 1080 pixels and the price might vary from one to and another. The indoor camera is comparatively more affordable as compared to the outdoor camera.

Features of the Simplisafe Camera

Some of the features of this camera include:

  • 1080 HD resolution
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Night vision camera
  • Two-way audio option
  • Privacy shutter availability
  • 120-degree vision

However, there are still some of the very advanced features that simplisafe camera does not come with. The camera does not have local storage and will not help you with tilting and zooming features. You will also not be getting any battery backup. The high-definition recording is also missing in this camera. However, overall the simplisafe security camera is a good option based on the customer service and the value. The features might be a little lacking but simple navigation is the best addition for this security camera.

Simplisafe Camera Cost

The simplisafe camera has two options available, one for the indoor and one for the outdoor. This camera that is available for indoor security will cost you only $99. However, the outdoor camera that is available by simplisafe security cameras will cost you up to $169. These cameras are affordable and have high quality and also provide you the perfect value of money along with the best features.

Simplisafe Compatible Outdoor Camera-Review

However, you must keep in mind that there is some subscription cost also added for the overall camera subscription to the software. It will cost you up to 4.99 dollars per month and it will allow you to store the videos and recordings for up to 30 days along with the 60-second clip video recordings. The subscription to the cloud plan is very important and it can be a lot helpful if you want to save the videos for later use.

Simplisafe Compatible Outdoor Camera Review

Let’s talk about some of the reviews of simplisafe camera. This camera has a lot more to offer than just the basic features. Let’s find out what else it has to offer.


The installation is one thing that is really important when you are getting any camera. This simplisafe camera offers you the best and the easiest installation with the doing it yourself feature. You do not require any expert or professional to install the camera inside or outside your house. Moreover, this camera comes with an application that enables you to store the videos in the cloud and get access to all the other features. You can connect your camera to the mobile phone as well and use it later according to your requirement.

Along with the easy installation, you will get the Wi-Fi connection feature as well. You can connect your camera to your phone and use it easily without any hassle. Now, you can take a look at your house from your mobile phone.


This outdoor camera is waterproof as well. So even if you are placing it outdoor, you do not have to worry about the rain and snow and other weather conditions. The incredibly great feature is that it is perfect to use even if you are using it indoors or outdoor.


The performance of the outdoor camera is absolutely perfect. It will surprise you with the incredible HD resolution and the 4K image quality. You will also like how incredibly great it is to detect the motion. The mobile application also enhances the functionality of the camera. Along with that, this indoor and outdoor security camera is just perfect with the detection algorithm that is impressive as well. Also, based on the price it gives you the ideal value of money.

Customer Service

The customer service is also incredibly amazing. You will get the response immediately in case you have any query or issue regarding the device. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee also available along with the 3-year warranty that will allow you to change the defective path and get it fixed if it is not working properly. The customer service responsiveness is 10 on 10 and definitely provides you the ideal customer service that impresses the customers even more.

Pros and cons of simplisafe camera

Pros and cons of simplisafe camera

  • Simple and easy installation
  • Easy connectivity
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Waterproof
  • Simple motion detection
  • Warranty of 3 years
  • Not the best resolution
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Might lack in a few advanced features

Now that you have checked the overall simplisafe Compatible Outdoor Camera review, you can make your decision regarding purchasing the security camera. Even though it is a little expensive but it definitely provides you with the right functionality and better versatility. The easy installation is the cherry on top and along with that, you will also like the motion detection feature and easy connectivity as well.

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