Security Cameras Without WiFi: A Good Or Bad Investment?

Security cameras have long been used in both commercial and residential buildings. Most of these cameras work with wifi, but what if there’s no internet in an area where you want to install it? Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a security camera if you don’t have internet. You can take benefit from security cameras without wifi as these are readily available in the market.

Homeowners without the internet should keep an eye on their property with the help of a hardwired camera. This type of security camera provides the same level of protection as that of a camera with wifi. The options to access the security camera and its recordings will be a little different. Users cannot use this camera with a smartphone app as there will be some other ways to access it. But security cameras without wifi can still protect your property and help prevent break-ins.

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Things To Consider When Using Hardwired Cameras

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind when using hardwired cameras:

  1. Difficult To Install

A security camera without wifi will need lots of work during its installation. You will require some tools and guidance from an expert to install it. Like if you are installing a camera by stone or brick, you will require a specialized drill. You may also need a ladder if you are installing your camera near to high ceilings.

  1. No Access To Live Footage

One of the major drawbacks of using security cameras without wifi is that you don’t have access to live footage. You can avoid big damage when you’re able to access the live footage of your home. Some wifi security cameras also feature two-way audio along with live footage. This two-way audio allows you to frighten away unwanted guests so that they cannot break-in. On the other side, hardwired security cameras allow you to see footage after some hours as a recap.

  1. Lots Of Wires All Over Your House

Make up your mind to see wires throughout your house when you opt for a hardwired security camera. Wires are required to connect your camera to an NVR or DVR recorder. So, if your NVR/DVR recorder is present in the TV lounge downstairs and your camera is present upstairs, then you have to connect wires upside down. This may not look attractive, but again it’s your choice whether you opt for a wired or wireless camera.

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Pros Of Using Security Cameras Without Wifi

Besides the above-mentioned drawbacks, there are also some benefits of using wifi security cameras. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. No Dependence On A Wifi Connection

Here it’s important to state that Ethernet cable is a better option for the internet as compared to wifi. It’s because a wifi connection can fail or become slow that can glitch or buffer your video.

  1. Complex To Hack

It’s a fact that things connected to wifi can get hacked and the same is the case with wifi cameras. But that won’t be the case with a security camera without wifi. The good news is that hardwired cameras are difficult to hack as they use Ethernet cable instead of wifi.

  1. No Usage Of Internet Data

If you’re short of internet data, then a wifi security camera is not the right choice for you. This camera depends on your internet network to record and save footage. It may need hundreds of GBs of data each month. On the other hand, a hardwired security camera stores footage within the DVR and do not effect the bandwidth.

Which Security Company To Choose?

A reliable security company can help you get a security camera as per your needs. With a good security company, you can get a camera that provides the best protection and complete peace of mind. In short, you should search for a security company that offers:

  • Latest, high-quality equipment
  • Easy installation
  • High resolution footage
  • Friendly and polite customer service

Several companies offer these things in addition to other benefits. But you have to decide the right company for you depending on your requirements.

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