Top 10 Revo Security Camera System Review & Guide 2020

Revo security systems and cameras are all the same, with only a few distinctive features. Looking for a security system could have brought you to Revo cameras, and now you must be wondering about which model to go for. Well, here we have managed a comprehensive guide for Revo cameras. It is impossible to cover all the cameras, but we have picked the widely used ones. So, have a look at Revo outdoor camera review and specifications.

1. Pre Install Channel Wireless Security Megapixel:

This one is among the top picks of security systems when it comes to Revo outdoor cameras. It has IP 66 weatherproof aluminum housing material that makes it stand even under bad weather.

Channel Wireless Security Megapixel

Easy Installation:

This one comes with an elementary setting and DIY installation. Hiseeu has made an adapter with this model that needs a plug power supply. Once it is plugged into the power source, the camera and NVR can connect with Wi-Fi and work just fine.

Video Quality & Recording:

Once the setting is done, you will have the video 1080p HD resolution. To review the previous recording, 3Tb Hard Disk is pre-installed to support 24 hours for 30 days for reliable video recording. It features 8 cameras, so ultimately, there are 8 channels in the camera feed, and all of them record video footage. When you are looking for a specific video, the screen will split, but you will be able to look anyway.

Remote Access:

The Revo outdoor camera review for this one suggests that you can have remote access to live video anytime, anywhere, through your phone, laptop, or tab. You have to download the app and sync the account with your security camera.

Alert Type:

The alert type for this one motion only. It has an 80-degree viewing angle.

Channel Wireless Security ( Pros & Cons )

  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy setup
  • Good quality video
  • Delays a bit sometimes
  • The range is affected by the wall

2. Recording Tonton Security Wireless Installation:

The Revo Tonton security system also has 8 cameras, so it has similar functions to the Hiseeu.

Tonton Security Wireless Installation

Wireless Features:

You don’t have to find power plug adapters for this as you need to mount the cameras with a simple power plug, and it can start working. The cameras in the device will connect to the Wi-Fi network created by the NVR.

Motion Detection:

Motion detection is great, as you will be notified of any small unexpected motions around your house. There is a 2TB Security Grade HDD that allows constant surveillance. It also records everything 24/7.

Audio Recording & Build-in PIR Sensor:

This security system has been modified with an integrated microphone. It let you hear the sound around the camera, so a little bit of sound will be recorded, just like the video. Another feature of a built-in PIR sensor will eliminate the sounds of false alarms you might receive, but it can clear the sounds by 90%.

Video Quality:

All of these cameras have 1080p HD fine results day and night with sharp and crystal-clear images. A weatherproof camera’s automatic IR-cut filter; it helps with clear imaging even in the rainy season. The night vision has a 100ft range too.

Tonton Security Wireless ( Pros & Cons )

  • 1-year warranty and technical support
  • Good customer service
  • Short-range for wireless signals
  • Some cameras don’t work with time.
  • Remote access isn’t good.

3. ZOSI 8 Channel Security Surveillance Weatherproof:

This advanced security system has got much hype among the Revo outdoor camera reviews because of its amazing features.

ZOSI 8 Channel Security Surveillance

Video Compression Feature:

This security system has an advanced and efficient video recording ability, but it can also compress the video to create storage. It has self-developed H.265+ video coding technology that allows video compression while keeping the recording perfectly visible for later. Basically, it offers 4 recording modes to cover your dynamic needs.

Camera Quality:

This one has 8 bullet cameras that have an 80ft nighttime range. The cameras can move up to 90 degrees. The video quality captured by these cameras will be 1080p HD.

Remote Access:

Like many other models, this Revo outdoor security camera system also has remote access to phone, laptop, computer, or tab through apps.

ZOSI 8 Channel Security ( Pros & Cons )

  • Great quality
  • Perfect night vision
  • Motion detection works amazingly.
  • Durable
  • 90-days money-back guarantee and 2-year assurance of free parts replacement
  • Plastic packing and lightweight.

4. REVO America Megapixel Outdoor Cameras:

Another security system that features 8 bullet cameras, 60’ BNC Cable for each camera, 16 channels MP DVR, and Pre-installed 2TB Video Surveillance Grade HDD is by Revo America.

REVO America Megapixel Outdoor Cameras

Night Vision:

The cameras have an impeccable night vision of 100′ through the 2.8mm -12mm Fixed Lens. They are also compatible with analog cameras. If you use a premium Revo BNC cable, you will receive smart notifications and emails, just like the upgraded models.

Ease Of Setup:

All of the high-end cameras have an easy way to install them. There will be a manual and a video that clearly depicts how to install them. By following the procedure, you plug in the cord with the device and connect the BNC cable, and it will start working. You may have to connect it to your Wi-Fi, but besides, there is nothing else.

ICR Cut Filter:

This particular feature allows colors in the streaming video to make it more vivid and colorful, just like a real experience. This will help identify any object or person roaming outside of your house. All the cameras by Revo America have this feature.

Remote Access:

Like the other advanced security systems, this allows you to do the setting through your phone, laptop, or tab. But first, you must be downloading the app and enter the login details. Otherwise, it won’t work remotely.

REVO America Megapixel ( Pros & Cons )

  • Good picture quality
  • 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support
  • The camera doesn’t work with phones sometimes.

5. Revo Ultra Complete Surveillance System:

For this Revo outdoor camera review, let’s see its features.

Revo Ultra Complete Surveillance System

Camera Specification:

There are 6 IP bullet cameras with 100’ Cat 5E cable for each one, 8 Channel 4K IP NVR with built-in 8 RJ45 PoE ports, and pre-installed 2TB video surveillance Grade HDD. This one has 100’ night vision, 4K recording capability, and 4K video output compatible with 4K monitors, among other things. There is a video compression feature in this one as well.

Other Features:

Other smart features include software upgrade via the cloud, super new 3DNR (digital noise reduction), a special corridor view mode to keep an eye in the hallway apart from door and window views. The LED lights installed in it are 4th generation. Also, it is weather resistant.

Easy Installation:

This one comes with a video manual that contains all the information to install this at home. Instructions are super simple and easy to follow. Any layman can manage that.

Ease Of Access:

Another Revo camera security setup with remote access through your mobile phone, laptop, or computer. See the live feed or revisit the old feeds anytime smoothly.

Revo Ultra Complete Surveillance ( Pros & Cons )

  • 4K quality recording
  • Support a large number of cameras
  • Advanced 3D noise reduction technology
  • Sleek weather and vandal resistance
  • Storage on Cloud is still unavailable
  • Poorly written manual
  • A little bit high priced for household use

6. America Wireless Surveillance System Cameras:

This one has 4 bullet cameras with 2.1 Megapixel and 8 channel Wi-Fi IP networks for video recording.

America Wireless Surveillance System-Cameras

Video Quality:

Its night vision has a 100ft range while the outdoor range is up to 1000ft wireless range. The cameras and range will pair together automatically and transmit the 1080p HD video streaming.

DIY Installation:

Many security systems require professionals to set up and install it at home or in a building, but this one is fundamental and easy to do yourself. The manual has all the information through a video on how to set it up. You have to follow it.

Remote Monitoring:

Being wireless is beneficial for many reasons. Not only it doesn’t cluster, but you can install Revo wireless mobile app on your phone, enter login details, and see the live feed or previous videos.

America Wireless Surveillance ( Pros & Cons )

  • Good for homes only
  • Video quality is good day and night
  • 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support
  • Free parts replacement
  • Affordable price
  • Not good for business
  • Cameras can stop working
  • Bad customer service

7. America Megapixel Indoor Outdoor Cameras:

This security system comes with the specification of 5MP IR 6 Bullet Cameras, 5MP Vandal 2 Dome Cameras, 16 Channel 5MP DVR with 60’ BNC Cable for all 8 cameras Pcs, and a Pre-installed 2TB Video Surveillance Grade HDD.

America Megapixel Indoor Outdoor Cameras


It has 3.6mm Fixed Lens that allows superior night vision. The cameras can capture ultra HD videos at any time. Even 2.5 times more than the 1080p video quality. The high-quality processor allows the high definition video recording. So, let it the day or night, you will be able to see every detail you hope for through this security system.

Wide-Angle View:

With bullet and dome cameras, a wide-angle view captures almost all the space. The cameras expand and get fixed automatically with motion detection. The Intuitive Graphical User Interface allows you to see what is out there immediately.

Remote Access:

You will have remote access to all the cameras via mobile phone. Just have to install the app Revo AERO, and one can even change the setting and direction of cameras through the app. With remote access, you can see the live feed anytime from anywhere. You will also get motion alerts instantly in the form of push notifications and emails.

America Outdoor Cameras ( Pros & Cons )

  • Easy to install and use
  • Offer good value at a price.
  • Video can’t play sometimes.
  • Back up isn’t easy

8. REVO America Security System Cameras:

According to Revo outdoor camera review, this security system has 4 bullet IP cameras with 100’ Cat 5E cable for each one, 4 Channel 1080P IP NVR with 4 RJ45 PoE Ports and a pre-installed 1TB video surveillance Grade HDD. It is weather resistant.

REVO America Security System Cameras

Video Quality:

These cameras have a video quality of 1080p HD. The night vision is 100 ft. It also has a video compression ability with an H.265 compression feature.


The LED lights in this security system are 4th generation LED lights. These are responsible for bringing a clear night vision. These are also IR LEDs that make the images colorful and more real to the naked eye.

Software Upgrade:

You can smoothly upgrade your software with the Revo system. It will be fast and hassle-free.

REVO America Security ( Pros & Cons )

  • High-definition video
  • Audio streaming
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • The camera only allows for 80-degree viewing.

This smart and compact design security system is definitely made for smart homes. It has a USB Port 2.0 x 2.

Plug-in To Get Started:

You need to plug it with a power source to start it. It has a 60ft long cable, which ensures that nothing goes offline anytime when you are using this system.


The 4 cameras have a 5 megapixels lens to capture the HD video feed. They all can play simultaneously. The Night Vision range is 65-100ft, 18pcs IR LEDs. It has a built-in microphone too.

Reolink Security Outdoor Recording ( Pros & Cons )

  • Best product
  • Easy to install
  • Great customer service
  • Poor documentation
  • No cloud
  • Not durable

10. TIGERSECU 16 Channel Security Recording Included:

It is a hybrid security DVR/NVR full-featured. It has a hybrid digital video recording system that can record ONVIF 2.0+ IP cameras smoothly. It detects motions and sends alerts. This system can handle a large space. It is easy to use, has remote access, and a hard drive that can store massive surveillance data.

TIGERSECU 16 Channel Security Recording


It can be connected to any camera.

Heat Sink Fan Technology:

This feature enables the DVR to self-cool and quiet.

TIGERSECU 16 Channel Security ( Pros & Cons )

  • Highly recommended
  • Eye of the tiger
  • Good customer service
  • Not compatible with existing cameras.

Final Verdict:

These were the most common Revo outdoor camera reviews. Many more cameras didn’t make it to this list, but that doesn’t mean they are bad. If you are looking to get one for yourself, try one of these from our list. Try to compare the features and see which one works for you.

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