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5 Best Indoor Quadcopter With Camera To Fly Inside Home

Corona virus pandemic has been spread throughout the world and most of the people are locked down in their homes. No doubt, getting locked in your home for months is quite boring but what if you can test your flying skills and enjoy some fun time with your family? An indoor quadcopter with camera can make that possible as the flying drone is definitely a fun activity. The fun of close quarters’ flying with 100% safety and zero violation of aviation regulations can best be obtained from indoor drones.

best indoor drones 2020

Theoretically, a drone can fly both outside and inside of a building as long as it’s kept at bay from the fittings and fixtures. However, some drones are specially designed for indoors and are quite different from the ones that are made for outdoors. An indoor drone is small and lightweight and features propeller guards for avoiding damage to the people, furniture, and drone. The best thing about an Indoor Quadcopter Camera is that it has a broad field of view.

When it comes to an indoor quadcopter with camera, there are a lot of choices for the customers. Like some drones are sold at affordable rates if ordered in bulk whereas others have high-quality and advanced features. Hundreds of indoor drones are available in the market so it gets difficult for customers to choose the best one. To help ease customers, we are going to share a list of the best indoor drones to suit all budgets. Let’s have a look.

Syma X21W

Syma X21W is the latest indoor quadcopter with camera by Syma. It is one of their smallest and cheapest quadcopters and can be a great gift for both children and adults. It can take pictures and videos with the help of its 0.3-megapixel camera at 720 pixels resolution. Syma X21W also has Wi-Fi connectivity. You can use the Syma Go app to connect its live camera to your mobile phone. Also, it allows you to directly save videos and pictures to your cell phone.

Syma X21W

It has a mini modest transmitter along with detachable propellers to keep in a secure place without any breakage. The prop guards and battery are built-in and it offers a 5-min flying time. Its prop guards help prevent hitting during flight so you don’t need to worry about any serious damage. Syma X21W is agile, maneuverable, and flies smoothly. It’s one-key landing/take off, gravity control mode, altitude hold, headless mode, and waypoint function has made it the best. Its superb flight performance and meager price have made it the No.1 choice of customers.

Holy Stone HS200

HS200 is an FPV quadcopter with a high-quality 2-megapixel camera. It has four-speed modes i.e. headless mode, one-button landing/takeoff, altitude hold, and gravity sensor mode. It is very reactive to your control and has good durability. Prop guards are also attached to guard it against the corner and side impacts. It also comes with landing feet for providing some cushion. But it’s a bit bouncy, so you need to be careful to prevent bouncing during landing.

Holy Stone hs200

It can record and capture videos and pictures in 720 pixels resolution. You can also connect it to your Android or iPhone device via the Holy Stone app. It comes with a 650mAh battery that gives a 9-minute flying time. If you want to have long flight time, then purchase some spare batteries. You may notice a hanging battery wire at its side that helps connect the drone to the battery. Its 2.4GHz transmitter has a 50-meter video transmission range, which is adequate for flying indoors.

Altair Aerial 1108

It’s another best quadcopter with camera that best suits for indoors. Altair Aerial 1108 is easy to operate and control. It is durable and strong enough to survive indoor crashes. Guards are available with this quadcopter on both sides along with a spare pair of propellers. Its camera has 720 pixels resolution that is quite reasonable within this price. It has a 120-degree coverage that is wide enough for indoor use. A live FPV is also available by using VR goggles or smartphone. Its one-touch landing/take-off button makes it suitable for beginners.

Altair Aerial 1108

Altair Aerial 1108 comes with three-speed settings and each of these settings is suitable for expert, beginner, or mid. Another plus point of this quadcopter is the availability of a headless code. The option of custom flight routes is another great feature. You can describe a specific flight route via your smartphone app and your drone will follow it automatically. Its average flying time is 8 minutes. An alarm will ring when its battery gets low or it gets out of range. You can land this quadcopter by using an emergency landing push button if it gets out of control.

Potensic Firefly A20W

Potensic Firefly A20W is a tiny indoor drone that has a kid-friendly controller to ease flying. This quadcopter can easily fit in your hand. Unlike other quadcopters that have complex controllers, A20W has an elegant design with a user-friendly controller. There are two shoulder buttons and thumbstick controls for operating the camera through the three-speed mode.

Potensic Firefly A20W

It also comes with headless mode and altitude hold. An option for automatic landing is also available along with a red LED that blinks when its battery is low. Its automatic landing is an outstanding feature that will let you land your drone at a safe spot. Plus, you can also enjoy its Wi-Fi FPV camera.

Ryze Tello

If you want a high-quality picture quality of an indoor quadcopter, then Ryze Tello is the right choice for you. This drone is a little costly as compared to some previous quadcopters on our list, but it’s worth buying it. Ryze Tello comes with downward-facing sensors that support auto-landing and strikingly stable hovering. These sensors are also capable of reacting to a wall rebound.

Ryze Tello

You will love flying this quadcopter around your house and can also sneak around the doors using FPV video. Its in-built camera has 5 megapixels resolution and its total flight time is 13 minutes. Its video result is much better as compared to other indoor quadcopters. You can control this drone via Wi-Fi using your phone. It has a block-based visual programming tool “scratch” that is quite easy to learn.

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