Best Night Owl Security Cameras Review For Your Home (2021)

Night Owl Security Camera Review That You Must Check

Are you looking for an honest review regarding the night owl security camera? Do you want all the information regarding the night owl security cameras? Do you want to know how incredibly the night owl security camera works? There is a lot to consider whenever you are looking for a security camera for your house. Below we have compiled all the information regarding the night owl security camera that you might need to consider whenever you are planning to purchase.

Check out the features below and decide whether you should purchase a night owl security camera or not. There are various features and factors that you must consider, including the amazing audio and visual equipment. Basically, the night owl camera is famous for its great price and easy use of. The equipment is also incredible for the night owl security camera. Let’s find out what else it has to offer.

Key Features Of Night Owl Security Cameras

Initially, let’s start with the key features of the night owl security camera. For starters, you can consider that done night all security camera has the image file transfer feature. With the image file transfer feature, you can transfer the files from the security camera to any other device and scrutinize them whenever needed. There are some other incredible features, including the text and graphic overlays, and apart from that, it has a user-friendly interface. The user-friendly interface is absolutely important whenever you are looking for a security camera. Not all people are capable of understanding and using the security camera in just a few seconds. Therefore, the easy navigation and the user-friendly interface are super important. Apart from that, you will also be getting the editing software that is included in the browser, and there is a mobile application also available for the security camera.

Features To Consider In The Night Owl Security Camera

Let’s talk about a few of the major features of the night owl security camera. These night owl cameras are wireless and capable of providing a great set of features, including incredible compatibility and much more. There are various services that are available in the night owl security camera that are not only cutting edge but also super incredible.

Remote Monitoring


With the remote monitoring feature, you can monitor your house without being at home. It is the best feature that allows you to keep a check on your house whenever you are not there. You can use your mobile phone and the application provided by the night owl security camera company to check and access the footage of the house. You can use the laptop and tablet to check the footage of the house. You can also check the live recording from the security camera.

Dual Sensor Available

There are dual sensors available with the night owl security cameras wireless. Around 90% of the time, most of the security cameras ring the alarm unnecessarily. But with the dual security camera, you can easily keep a check on the proper activity in the house, and you will not come across faulty alerts in the house. These dual sensors are available to provide comprehensive security, and also help with better performance. The heat and the motion sensor work effectively in the night owl security camera.


Do you know what DVR and NVR are? DVR is the digital video recorder, and NVR is the network video recorder that is available in the night owl security camera. Both of these features are included in the security camera to enhance efficiency, and these will also provide better image quality. Even though because of these two features, the night owl security camera is comparatively more expensive, but it is definitely better in terms of functionality. You can also use Wi-Fi to access the security camera, and there is an internet connection that can also be used. Moreover, both of the features, including the DVR and NVR, can be used without an internet connection, so you will not have to hustle because of the lack of internet.

Google Assistant Compatibility

Another one of the important features of the night owl security camera is that it comes with Google Assistant compatibility. With Google compatibility, you will be able to access the live and the recorded footage. With the mobile application, the compatibility is better, and the performance is even better.

The compatibility is even impressive that offers better accessibility to the footage and the live recording. The mobile application is excellent in terms of compatibility and offers better security to your house.

No Fees For The Storage

The best part about the night owl security camera is that the night owl will not charge you any money for the storage of the recording for the videos and the footage. Now, you no longer need to pay any extra fee for the retaining of the data, and you can access it with your phone, laptop, or tablet. The good thing is that the night owl security camera has incredible compatibility. The mobile application lets you access the storage properly. Now with better and convenient usage, you can access the footage in a simpler manner, unlike the other security cameras that charge you a lot more for retaining the storage. People are reluctant to pay more money to retain the recordings. The owl security camera wins the race here.

Night Vision

One of the other most important features is night vision. With the night vision feature, you can also record the footage at night. With the night vision feature, you will get the opportunity to have better image quality and clear recording, even at night. The night vision feature is excellent in these night owl security cameras wireless. You can now have better security even at night. The best specification is that the night vision can be extended up to 20 feet indoors, and for the outdoors, the night vision can be extended up to 100 feet.

No Internet Required

Now with the owl security camera, you do not need the internet for the recording. Without the internet, you can record the footage in the house, and you can access the house with the mobile application. The internet is not required in this security camera. However, not all security cameras have a similar feature. Later you can access the footage with the smartphone, tablet, and laptop. The functionality is amazing, and the compatibility is even better.

Cut filter

There is an IR cut filter also available in the night owl camera. Do you know why the IR cut filter is important? Most of the time, there is a slight distortion, and the image quality is compromised. Well, in that case, the cut filter works incredibly. The cut filter will filter out the infrared light to provide the better quality of the images and the footage that is clear and robust. To avoid distortions in the image and the video quality, the IR cut filter will work in the best possible manner. The cut filter is another unique addition that you will not find in any security camera. The winning point for the owl camera is that the cut filter enables you to get the best quality images.

100-degree Wide Camera

Another incredible feature is that the owl security camera has a 100-degree wide camera. With the wide camera, you can check out at a wider angle and see what is happening around in the background. With clearer images and videos of the wide field of view, this owl security camera is excellent in each aspect.


The owl security camera is waterproof and can be installed outdoor. Now you no longer need to worry about the snow or the rain that can affect the camera. The outdoor security camera is highly compatible and incredible in terms of waterproofing and also the best in terms of installation.

Easy installation

The easy and simple installation is another excellent feature as well. You do not need to hire a professional to help you with the installation process. This is the DIY security camera that you can mount on the wall and place anywhere you want. The easy installation is a win-win situation for you.

With the easy installation, you should install it within a few minutes and start using the security camera. Set up the mobile application and start tracking with the security camera remotely.

Pros & Cons

  • Impressive action detection
  • Dual sensor available
  • Dual audio available
  • Wide field angle available
  • Provides images in excellent quality
  • A little expensive


Based on all the other features of the night owl security camera, we can say that it is one of the best owl security cameras that you will come across. It has all the features that you might need for house security. You can also place the security camera indoor and outdoor in your house because of the incredible waterproofing feature and wide field of view that it has to offer. Based on all the other features, it is definitely worth investing your money in, and the security camera is definitely the best option with incredible image quality and amazing video recording features.

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