Indoor Camera vs Outdoor Camera: Which One to Choose?

Both outdoor and indoor cameras are a part of an upgraded house security package. Homeowners can learn about happening in their home with the help of these cameras. You can have complete peace of mind if you have installed an outdoor or indoor security camera in your home. You can also know what’s happening in your house when you are outside the home. But here the question arises which one is better indoor camera vs. outdoor camera? Here in this article, we will be comparing both indoor and outdoor cameras to let you choose the right one.

The Main Differences Between Indoor And Outdoor Camera’s


First, analyze whether you want to monitor the exterior or the interior of your house. For instance, if you need a camera to keep an eye on your pets or your kids when you are at work, then opt for an indoor camera. An indoor camera usually displays the inside of a room, however, you can also place it at the entrance door to keep an eye on the visitors. On the other hand, outdoor cameras are specially designed for security surveillance. Like if you are worried about the burglary or you wish to know when your parcels are delivered, then an outdoor camera is the right choice for you.


Outdoor cameras are more durable as compared to indoor cameras. It’s because these cameras are weatherproof and can withstand extreme temperatures, rain, and wind. They are typically made with durable materials like metal or/and with strong casings, so burglars can’t remove or destroy them easily. Due to their sturdy structure, outdoor cameras are bulkier and unattractive. On the other side, indoor cameras are lightweight due to their small size. Indoor cameras are placed inside the home and don’t need to be weatherproof. You can also get a wireless indoor camera for indoor usage and can easily relocate it around your house. In contrast, an outdoor camera is fixed at a single place and you can’t move it around.

Privacy Factor

If you don’t want to monitor the activities of your family members, then there’s no need to place it inside your house. Here it must be kept in mind that a security camera system can get hacked and your privacy will be at risk. Also, the persons visiting your house may demand privacy. In some states, parents are required to tell nannies and babysitters if they have installed cameras in their house. Furthermore, many babysitters consider this revelation common courtesy.

Things To Consider: Indoor Camera Vs. Outdoor Camera

Live Streaming Video Vs. Motion Detection

When selecting an outdoor or indoor camera, it’s necessary to know the differentiation between live streaming scrutiny and motion detection. If your security camera works with motion detection, it means it gets activated to begin taking video recording when it detects motion. It is helpful when you want to upgrade your house security as you can get notifications when motion is spotted. For instance, when your children get back home from school or when a parcel arrives.

Wireless Vs. Wired

Most of the outdoor cameras are wired as they have to be fixed at a higher place. However, some of these cameras are also wireless and work on batteries. The best thing about a wireless camera is that it is portable and there’s no need for a pro for installing it. But you are required to change its battery every few months.

Picture Quality

The resolution of a camera determines its picture quality. If you are looking for a camera with good picture quality, then prefer buying a high-resolution camera. But if you want to target a specific area within a short-range, then a low-resolution camera will also work for you. Also, look for the night vision capability of the security camera. Both outdoor and indoor cameras need to work sound in low light. Moreover, most of the indoor cameras cannot adapt to various light levels like outdoor cameras. Thus, the picture quality of an indoor camera will not be the same at night if you place it near the window.

Final Verdict

Based on our comparison between indoor and outdoor cameras, we conclude that an outdoor camera is a better option. It’s because outdoor cameras are more durable and secure as compared to indoor cameras. Moreover, outdoor cameras also respect the privacy of homeowners and their special guests. These cameras will notify you when there’s danger outside the home. The motion detection feature and picture quality of outdoor cameras are also much better. So, we recommend buying outdoor cameras.

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