A Complete Guide For Home Security Camera Installation

Today, you can find a variety of outdoor and indoor security cameras that are easy to install by homeowners. All you need is to decide the spot where you will place your security camera. Here in this article, we will share with you a complete guide for home security camera installation. Every homeowner has a specific property design, security priorities, and budget; therefore, one installation rule cannot fit all security cameras. So, you need to consider a few tips to help you install your security camera without hiring a third party.

Home Security Camera Maintenance

Front Door

Majority of the people believes that burglars break inside a home through side entrances. However, statistics reveal that 34% of intruders sneak through the front door. So, a security camera at your front entrance can keep an eye on everybody who comes inside and outside of your house. This way a security camera at the main entrance will keep you aware of any wrongdoing and prevention of burglary.

Side and Back Doors

Doors at the side and back of your home are often used by intruders for break-ins. These doors are out-of-sight, so they are easy to access undetected. It is highly recommended to add cameras to monitor the entry of unwanted visitors through the side and back doors.

Driveway and Garage X

A security camera placed at your home’s driveway and/or garage can keep a vigilant eye on vehicles, tools, sports equipment, grills, and other valuables. In the case of a detached garage, a camera can prove to be very useful to stay connected. An attached garage is also risky for home’s security as intruders can easily get into your house if they succeed in accessing the garage. If there’s an entry at the driveway, it becomes necessary to place a camera over there to avoid any break-ins.


Intruders also scope out your home through the yard, so you must monitor this spot by installing a security camera. This camera will also help you capture the activities of children, trespassers, and pets.

Common Areas

Home security camera installation in gathering areas like the living room or kitchen is a perfect way to see if children are not involved in wrongdoings, if the cleaner and babysitter are performing their duties, or the pets are playing safely.

Main Hallway Or Stairway

Place a security camera at the main hallway or stairway to monitor the undetected move. If anyone gets in through the bedroom, bathroom, or other unmonitored areas, they will still be caught on camera.

Test Your Camera Before Installing It

Once you have decided on the place for camera installation, make sure to test its functions before the final installation. Don’t forget to test its video quality so that you can get your desired results.

Don’t Use Any Tools Or Hardware That Can Damage The Components

Of course, you want to position your camera at the perfect angle but be careful while adjusting its position. Otherwise, its lens, casing, or electrical components will be damaged.

Maintain Or Clean The Camera Occasionally

Security cameras (especially outdoor cameras) are prone to pollution or dirt that can stick on the lens. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain or clean your camera occasionally. However, you must ensure your camera is installed in a way that its maintenance or cleaning is possible.

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