Features To Look For When Buying Video Doorbell Cameras

The safety of your home is always a priority as you have kept valuable belongings in it. For home safety, video doorbell cameras are the best solution. These cameras will let you know what and who is at your doorstep, even when you are outside home. Today’s video doorbell cams are equipped with high-tech features that make them a perfect choice for home security. Always go for the features that best suits your home’s safety requirements. Here is a list of some features that you must look for in video doorbells cameras.

Installation Requirements

Arlo Door Camera

Some video doorbells are easy to install and you don’t need to hire professional installation service. Most of the video doorbells need hand wiring, and for that, you will require to switch off the power, locate the chime box, and install the camera. However, if you have purchased the video doorbell cam along with a complete home security system, then it will require professional installation.


Most of the doorbell cams have HD video to provide a clear and crisp capture. Usually, you will get a resolution between 720p and 1080p. However, some doorbell cams have higher resolutions, such as 2k.


It is an important feature that must be present in video doorbells. You must have access to activity notifications to remain alert if someone lurks on your house or stops by. Notifications allow you to review the video clips or view live streaming.

Motion |Detection

Video doorbell cams often align with manufacturer’s app or mobile devices to provide activity notifications. PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) is the most essential motion detector that is induced by infrared lights for objects or individuals within view. Upon detecting the motion by a sensor, you get a notification via mobile or the app. Some video doorbells allow you to adjust the sensitivity of PIR to objects or people at your doorsteps. For example, Ring Doorstep Security Camera comes with the Ring app that allows the users to adjust motion sensors as per their requirements.

Night Vision

Make sure the video doorbell cam provides a clear vision at night. Most video doorbell manufacturers mention the number of feet that you can clearly see in low light conditions. Features like LED lights and color night vision make it easy to watch around your home after dark.

Storage Option

Check out the available storage options when selecting your doorbell cameras. Determine whether you need cloud storage or desire to store your footage locally on an SD card, or want access to both. Several manufacturers provide a free trial of cloud storage as well as paid subscription plans. The average cost of cloud storage is around $5 per month per camera, based on the manufacturer.

Weather Resistance

With unpredictable weather conditions, you must have chosen a weather-resistant video doorbell camera that can withstand extreme temperatures, heavy rain, and humidity. Some doorbell cams can withstand over 120-degree of heat and -5 degrees without any malfunction.

Two-Way Audio

Listen and talk with visitors via two-way audio. You will receive notifications when somebody arrives at your doorstep and you can communicate with him/her. This feature can also be used to scare off unwanted visitors. Ring Doorbell Security Camera comes with a two-way audio feature.

Multi-User functionality

Multi-user functionality provides access to more than one person to get notifications and communicate with visitors at door without any extra fees.

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