Canary Flex Weatherproof Security Camera Reviews And Guide 2021


Canary Flex Camera Review: Should You Buy It Or Not?

Security cameras are becoming a necessity for every individual and finding out the best security camera can be a hassle. Well, not anymore! The Canary flex weatherproof security camera has the best of the features that you can check, and this camera truly focuses on providing you clear audio and video. The excellent quality sensor combined with the security camera of the finest functionality that you will love.

Do you want to know a little more about the Canary wireless camera? Well, don’t you worry because we have compiled the Canary security camera review below that you must check and should not miss out on it? If you are finally planning to purchase a security camera and secure your house with a security camera, then you must know which one is the best.


Video Specifications

  • The Canary Flex camera has a video resolution of 1080 HD
  • It also offers 147 degrees wide-angle lens
  • There is a motion detector and night vision feature also available that you must not miss out on

Audio Specifications

  • The Canary flex security camera has two-way audio
  • There is a high-quality microphone also available
  • The 90 DB siren is the major highlight, along with the built-in speaker


There are various features of the Canary camera that you can check out in this Canary flex camera review. Below we have compiled some of the best features to consider.

Two-Way Audio

It is quite unique for a security camera to have two-way audio. But this two-way audio feature will help you to stay in touch and connected to the camera. When you are away from your kids, you can use the audio feature to talk to your kids or your pets who are at home. You can use the mobile application to use the two-way audio system and communicate with people at home easily when you are not at home.

1080 Pixel Video

The good thing about the security camera is that it provides you the excellent crisp image and videos that will help you to recognize individuals easily. The video is not hasty and provides you an excellent video in no time. It is appreciable that the 1080 pixel video security camera will also help you to zoom in and out. The enhanced quality is what makes this security camera the best of what you want.

Canary Flex Weatherproof Security Camera Reviews

Wide Field Of View

There is a wide field of view that is 147 degrees. When you are comparing the field of view to other options, you can find out that this one is not only excellent but the most incredible out of the other security cameras that have a limited field of view. Most of the security cameras have a maximum field of view of 130 degrees, which is limited as compared to this one, which has a wide field of view of 147°.

Night Vision

An important feature is the night vision that enables you to check the video at night as well. It will allow you to have a clear vision of the house and outside the house in the field of view of the camera. The night vision feature enables you to check the surrounding in the dark with the help of the security camera and without letting any individual or evidence out of sight.

Environmental Sensors

The good thing about this Canary flex security camera is that there are environmental sensors also available. The humidity sensor and air sensor will help you a lot to stand out to check the security. The air quality sensor can easily detect carbon monoxide and hydrogen that enhances the safety of your house as well. There is a sensor that can detect dust and cooking odor along with cigarette smoke as well. For most of the users who want to get a sensor along with the security camera, this one is the perfect choice because it comes with a sensor that can detect a wide range of chemicals and compounds.

Audio Quality

The next thing to consider is the audio quality that is excellent and provides you with the perfect amount of flexibility that you want. The audio is clear, and you can easily communicate using the two-way audio feature. For basic and daily operations, this audio quality can come in handy because you can easily communicate and talk to the individual at home. You can also talk to your children and your pets using this audio feature of the security camera.

Canary Flex Camera ( Pros & Cons )

  • Affordable and comes with a sensor
  • Two-way audio feature available
  • High-quality image
  • Not so professional monitoring
  • Unstable connectivity

Is the Canary Wireless Security Camera Worth Buying?

A Canary flex weatherproof security camera is a high-quality security camera that offers just the right amount of features that anybody would want. With the finest performance and excellent functioning, this security camera has all that you must want to ensure that your house is safe and protected. The two-way audio along with the excellent video feature offers the right amount of convenience that you want. There is one downside to use this security camera i.e. it will require Wi-Fi all the time, and the connectivity is not best. The security camera has the connectivity of 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi, or it can also be connected via Ethernet that can be a little difficult for most people. Also, you cannot always download the video recorded by the security camera. It can only be done on request. But besides all of that, it is still a good quality camera that will provide you just the right amount of features that you want for your house. This Canary flex camera review has all the information that you might require. Along with that, you must also consider the sophisticated design and versatile functioning of the security camera that provides you with the best performance. It provides you the excellent value of money along with the best customer service as well.

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