A Quick Review to Lorex Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Are you among those who are looking for a high-quality indoor/outdoor wireless security camera? If yes, then you are on the right website as there are countless wireless security cameras of different companies that are easily accessible in markets or online as well. Again, another question that comes in your mind is which security camera is the best for both indoor and outdoor.

Lorex Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Lorex indoor/outdoor wireless security camera is one of the best and high-resolution night vision camera that comes with amazing and powerful features and specifications. This camera is also best for both homes and small businesses. Users can customize their setting as per their needs and requirements.

Specs of Lorex Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

  • Local storage (32 GB)
  • 1080p high definition video
  • Outdoor/indoor – IP65 water-resistant
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Crisp image quality
  • Up to 50 feet night vision
  • Security light, Siren, and 2-Way talk
  • Cost for one camera is $159.99
  • Offering flexible camera positioning
  • Setup is customizable
  • Superior 4K video quality

Cool Features of Lorex Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

1- Automatic Alerts

This feature is cool and easy and users can use it without any installation/setup. Automatic alerts can send message alerts anytime if it identifies the motion. This wireless security camera can easily detect the vehicles and people and send you automatic alerts through push notification. Users can also modify the sensitivity level as well as it’s siren or security light is always active that identifies the motion.

2- Live Video Timeline

Users can watch the playback videos that are recorded automatically and search all the previous history easily.

3- Smart Zone

This cool feature allows users to set the exact zone in your wireless security camera’s view field for detecting any motion.

4- Video Quality

Throughout the day/night time, the quality of the images of videos is crystal clear and users can load it quickly when you called up.

What’s Inside the Box?

Lorex Indoor Wireless Security Camera

Lorex wireless security camera box is small and light in weight. The box packaging is quite interesting and secure. When you open the box, you can get these things, including:

  • Quick and easy start guide
  • Memory card
  • Power cord (9.5 feet) plus an extra extension cable of 10 feet
  • Two mounting options, one for ceiling mount/ tabletop stand and the other one is for wall mount
  • Wi-Fi camera

Pros &Cons of Lorex Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

  • Night vision wireless camera
  • Water-resistant
  • Installation is easy
  • Local storage
  • Motion detection
  • Supports Google and Alexa voice commands
  • Custom-made notification features
  • Ideal for both indoor/outdoor home use
  • Playback errors
  • Military time display
  • Connect to the power plug via cord

Installation Procedure and Tip

Lorex security camera will take one hour for completing its installation procedure. Users should know where to place the camera. Once you decided the location, you can easily install the camera. The best place to install this camera is your main home entrance door. You can adjust the security camera view for easily recognizing the faces.

Things You Need

This section will cover the things you need before installing a wireless security camera. All you need is a ladder and a cordless drill or screwdriver for installing it.

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