5 Smart Ways to Hide Your Indoor Security Camera

Nowadays, home residents hardly stay at home as they have to attend their office if they are employees or educational institution if they are students. So, how can you leave your home alone without taking any security measures? The good news is that security cameras have become quite popular in the 21st century because of their numerous benefits. Besides protecting your house from potential break-ins, a security camera also works as a nanny cam and allows you to watch your kids, babysitters, and even contractors or home cleaners.

Hide Your Indoor Security Camera

One key problem that most people face is that intruders are often aware of the presence of security cameras inside modern houses. They are likely to look for ways to dodge a security camera if you have placed it at a visible spot. So, how can you catch criminals with the help of a security camera if they already know you are watching? Want a solution to this problem? If yes, then you must know how to hide a security camera indoors. Here in this article, we have shared 5 ways to let you hide your security camera. Let’s have a look at these ways.

An Artificial Plant

One of the easiest ways is to hide your security camera in an artificial plant. After all, no one will think to search through the artificial plant to find a concealed security cam. All you require is an octopus tripod so that you can easily mount your security camera to that tripod. After that, wrap the tripod around the stem of your indoor plant. Make sure to cover the tripod with leaves so that it remains hidden. But be careful in arranging the leaves so that the cam can still see without being covered.

A Stuffed Toy

You don’t need to go to the market to buy a stuffed toy as it is often available at home. A plush toy can be the best place to hide your security camera and watch untrustworthy behavior. All you need to do is to place the stuffed toy camera on a bookshelf or anywhere it can’t be grasped and thrown away by your baby. If you want to keep an eye on the activities or behavior of your babysitter, then a plush toy is the right place for your security cam. It’s because nobody will even have a hint that you are spying through a stuffed toy.

An Outlet

Thinking how to hide a security camera indoors in an outlet? Well, believe me, it’s an easy way to keep your security cam hidden. You just need to remove the backing of an outlet, place the camera inside it, and then put back the backing. This place is perfect for all those people who want to hide the cam in their bedroom, maybe to spy their babysitter, to catch a dishonest lover, to ensure the safety of their precious belongings, or to catch a burglar entering through the bedroom window rather than through the main door.

A Tissue Box or Alarm Clock Case

A tissue box or an alarm clock case can prove to be the best to mask your security camera. In fact, nobody would ever identify if there’s a cam inside the tissue box or alarm clock case. Simply take an empty tissue box and make appropriate holes in it. Then place the camera inside the tissue box and add a few tissues in it for maximum secrecy.

A Bookshelf

Typically, thieves don’t look at your book collection. Therefore, hiding your security camera among similarly-colored books is an ideal way to mask it. Make sure to place your security cam among those books which you don’t read very often. In this way, your camera will remain intact without being exposed.

Nick Carter
I am an IT expert with more than 10 years of experience. I have completed my masters’ degree in information technology and started working in an IT firm. My passion for technology and writing has urged me to share the news, guidelines, and reviews of the latest home security gadgets.
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